1. A male witch was known as a ...

  2. The Witchcraft Hysteria probably started in this Reverend's kitchen

  3. The West Indian slave who told ghost stories and confessed to witchcraft

  4. A type of "evidence" that held that a witch's spirit could leave her body and torment one of her victims.

  5. A wild emotional outburst - may be individual or mass; abnormal excitement

  6. As "familiars" Sara Good was accused of having two yellow ...

  7. Sarah Good's accuser was Ann ...

  8. Today, Salem Village is known as ..

  9. Mr. Corey was pressed to death. His first name was ..

  10. On an accused witch, a wart or blemish was considered the "Mark of the ...

  11. Sara Good was accused of having signed the Devil's ..

  12. Sara Good told Reverend Noyes that God would give him blood to . .


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