Cause and Effect

Before your visit to the Witch Dungeon, it may be helpful to review the "Historical Background" essay contained in your teacher materials. You may want to duplicate the essay and assign it to your students as a reading that will be helpful for several activities or simply conduct a class discussion. Either way, have the students fill in the "CAUSE" boxes on a chart similar to the diagram at the bottom of this page.

(For a more sophisticated approach, classify each cause box as "political", "economic", or "cultural/social" causes and have the students make multiple entries in each box)

When the "CAUSE" boxes have been filled, have the students speculate as to the "EFFECTS" and fill in those boxes. Have the students consider the effects on individuals, the community, society in general, and future generations.

(If you have classified your "CAUSES" as "political", "economic", or "cultural/social" you may also want to classify your "EFFECTS".

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