Dungeon Description

This is a descriptive writing assignment in which you will pretend to be one of the unfortunates who have been unfairly imprisoned during the hysteria. You will describe your surroundings. (minimum of 250 words)

  1. You will use a "spatial" organization. That is you will be using transition words that indicate place. Some examples might be, "overhead", "in the far corner", "beyond the bars" "to my left" etc. use this space to brainstorm a list of other spatial transition words or phrases that will help you to organize your paper.

  2. Good descriptive writing uses all the senses to communicate with your reader. Use this space to brainstorm all the things that you might see, hear, feel, taste, or smell in the Dungeon.

  3. To make your descriptions more concrete and vivid for your reader, use similes and metaphors. Use a sheet of paper to develop some similes and metaphors to expand your descriptions.

Remember similies are comparisons using "like" or "as".
Examples: _____________ smelled like _____________
_____________ was as slimy as _____________

Metaphors are comparisons without the "like" or "as".
Examples: The jailer was a demon.
The cell was corner of hell.

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