Compare and Contrast Writing

Duplicate the biographical information on Ann Putnam and Sarah Good that is contained in this package and distribute it to the class. Then, using the chart at the bottom of this page, have the students carefully read and take notes. Caution the students that for any piece of information they list in one column, they must make a companion listing in the other column.

When the students have completed their note taking, have them write one paragraph using all the information that showed the similarities (comparisons) between Sarah and Ann, and one paragraph showing their differences (contrast). Finally, have the students go back and add an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph to their essay.

(Once the students have learned the technique for compare/contrast writing, this activity can be expanded by having the students write an additional essay comparing/contrasting courtrooms of today with what they saw in the museum's presentation)

Ann Putnam Sarah Good
  1. female
  2. attended church
  1. female
  2. did not attend church

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