Letter to Teachers:

We are pleased to present you with this education package to help make your students' visit to the Witch Dungeon a most enjoyable and educational one. For your convenience, the student activities have been color coded by grade level: elementary (Light Blue), middle (Salmon) and high school (Light Green). However, you know your students' skills and abilities best, and many of the activities are easily adapted for use at other grade levels, so please take a few minutes and review the entire packet.

The dramatization that you will see - the trial of Sarah Good - is very focused, and you may find it worthwhile to take some time preparing your class for their visit, so we have also included a fairly extensive collection of background materials for teachers. Teacher background material is printed on (Yellow) paper. Background information for teachers includes:

  • Suggested Pre and Post Visit activities
  • A bibliography
  • Historicai Background essay to better understand the time period and the events surrounding the trial and the Hysteria
  • Biographies of the characters in the play
  • A list of other Characters mentioned in the presentation
  • A Glossary of words which may be unfamiliar to your students but whose meanings are important to understanding the presentation.

    We hope that you will find this information useful in preparing your students for their visit to the Witch Dungeon.

    As always your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. If you have any suggestions as to how we could improve this packet or the tour, please contact ? at ( 508 ) 744 ?, email me at?, or write to me directly at the Witch Dungeon.

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