The Price of Freedom:

In 1692, people who were imprisoned had to pay their own expenses. They were billed for such things as food, blankets etc., and they were not released from prison until( their bills were paid - even if they were innocent! - Pretend that you were one of the innocents imprisoned in the Witch Dungeon. To be released you have to calculate your bill. The worksheet below will help you with your calculations. Your teacher will provide you with the details.

Item Number of Days Cost Per Day Total
Food __________ X __________ = __________
Blanket(s) (rental) __________ X __________ = __________
Chain(s) (rental) __________ X __________ = __________
__________ Total Bill

Are Your Math Skills Strong Enough to Get You Out of the Witch Dungeon?

Teachers can make this assignment as simple or complex as they would like simply by varying the number of days and the costs per day. The assignment can easily be individualized because not everyone would be imprisoned for the same number of days. Some "prisoners" may pay a higher price for higher quality food. Additionally, not everyone would be in chains or want blankets. The number of days when chains or blankets were rented might vary. Some "prisoners" might require multiple chains or multiple blankets. Teachers may want to have students draw numbers at random from some sort of grab bag. This activity can be adapted to demonstrate how a "spread sheet" works on a computer.


Item Number of Days Cost Per Day Total
Food 18 X $6.35 = $114.30
Blanket(s) (rental) 18 X $1.25 = $22.50
Chain(s) (rental) 18 X $.43 = $7.74
$144.54 Total Bill

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