Plaque Assignment: Directions

If you arrive for the presentation early enough and the theater is not too crowded, you may want to direct your students' attention to the eighteen plaques decorating the walls of the theater. These plaques contain interesting anecdotes or facts regarding the Hysteria of 1692.

On the bottom of this page you will find an outline of a plaque.

Duplicate the outline and give each student a copy. Direct the students to select and record any one fact (not the entire plaque) that interests them and to record the plaque's number.

When you return to your classroom, hang the plaques around on the walls and have the students explain why they found their fact particularly interesting.

Some of the plaques contain illustrations. You might want to give the students time to make an illustration and provide them with another plaque outline to make a neat copy of their plaque before it is hung.

After viewing the plaques in the theater, assign each student library research to produce his/her own plaque. Provide them with a copy of the outline on the back of this page and encourage the students to make their own illustrations. When they are complete, hang them around the room to share the information with the rest of the class.

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