Editor's Quandry

You are the editor of the Salem Evening News in 1692. You must write an editorial about the Witchcraft Hysteria, but there are many issues facing you. If you write in favor of the trials, many more people could possibly be accused. If you write against the trials, you will be attacking some of the leading people in your community. Your newspaper could be put out of business. Perhaps you, yourself, or someone in your family might be denounced as a witch. Maybe someone you know has already be accused and your editorial judgment will be questioned. Perhaps you truly believe that the accused are witches; then you will be offending their families. THERE ARE NO SIMPLE SOLUTIONS!

  1. Write a one page personal journal entry describing your fears, doubts, and other concerns regarding the editorial that you must write. You may want to begin by discussing what is happening in town in general in order to explain your situation more clearly.

  2. When write your editorial. Remember, unlike your personal journal, in your editorial, you must take a definite stand and defend it. - You may want to look at some editorials in today's newspapers to get a model for editorial writing.

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