Sarah Good - the accused (see biography)

Ann Putnam - the accuser (see biography)

Judge Hathorne - one of the presiding judges of the witchcraft trials and an ancestor of Salem's famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Tituba - Reverend Parris' West Indian slave who entertained the girls in Parris' kitchen with stories of her native Caribbean. Tituba and the girls 'in the kitchen are generally credited with having started the hysteria. Tituba was among the first accused of witchcraft. She confessed and was imprisoned.

Reverend Parris - minister of Salem Village. Tituba was his slave, and it was in his kitchen where the girls gathered.

William Good - husband of Sarah. He testifies against her describing her as "an enemy to all that is good". She denounces him as a wizard.

Dorcas Good - four year old daughter of Sarah. She also testifies against her mother claiming that her mother has three "familiars" - two yellow birds and one black.

Sarah Osborne - along with Sarah Good and Tituba the first to be accused of witchcraft. During her trail, Sarah Good accuses Osborne of being a witch. Old and infirm to begin with, Osborne dies while imprisoned.

Giles Corey - accused of witchcraft, he was pressed to death while refusing to enter a plea. By refusing to enter a plea he preserved his estate for his sons

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