The following words or terms will be used in the presentation. Your students will find it easier to follow the presentation if they are familiar with their meanings.

AFFLICTION - outbursts of strange behavior - muscle spasms, fits etc.

BLASPHEME - to speak against God or holy things.

COVENANT - a agreement, usually written.

FAMILIAR - animal companion of witches; cats, yellow birds, etc.

DESTITUTE - having no money; totally impoverished.

DEVIL'S BOOK - Witches agreed to follow Satan by signing the Devils Book. In exchange they received their supernatural powers.

DEVIL'S MARK - a wart or blemish on the skin. Accused witches were examined to see if they had the Devil's Mark as evidence of their guilt.

GOSPEL WOMAN - a religious woman who studies the Bible.

HYSTERIA - abnormal excitement; violent emotional outbursts by an individual (Mass hysteria would effect an larger group. For example the entire village of Safe experienced the witchcraft hysteria)

MUTTERING - talking to oneself; mumbling.

TORMENT - to torture.

WITCH - a woman who serves the devil by doing evil.

WIZARD - a male witch.

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