Post Visit Activities


  1. Contained in this packet: Letter to a Friend, Which Witch . . . , Condemned Scramble, Dungeon Checklist, Dungeon Rhyme, and Acrostic Poem

Middle School

  1. Contained in this packet: Witch Obituaries, Letters from the Lock-Up, Outlining, Editor's Quandry, Poetry, and The Price of Freedom.

  2. The second half of the Plaque Activity.

High School

  1. Contained in this packet: Mary Esty, Trials of the Centuries, Dungeon Description, Journalism in the Jailhouse, A Bill of Rights for Witches?, Math Muddle.

  2. The second half of the KWL and Cause and Effects Activity.

  3. Read and discuss the play The Crucible.

Computer Activities

  1. An internet search for the phrase "Salem Witch Trials" will lead to a variety of interesting locations.

  2. The activity The Price of Freedom can easily be presented as a spread sheet exercise where constant formOLas respond to varying data input.

  3. Using the Annotated List of Those Condemned contained in your teacher packet, the class can build a data base incorporating such fields as "Age" "Execution Date", and "Hometown" - additionai research may be required. Students may want to include additional fields not included in the list.

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