The Most Exciting Experience in Salem

The mood is set from the moment you enter the Witch Dungeon Museum. You are there - in Salem Village in 1692, and you are guaranteed a unique educational experience with a chill or two. You'll experience the acclaimed performance of a Witch trial adapted from the 1692 historical transcripts. Professional actresses in repertory reenact the electrifying scene. Welcome to Salem Massachusetts, where in the year 1692 something very unusual took place. The Reverend Parris' daughter Betty and Niece Abigail began acting very strangely. The minister asked Dr. Griggs to examine the girls, but he could not find anything wrong with them. Abigail and Betty continued their strange behavior and other children began to copy them. Here are some of the odd things they did: Some children would bark like a dog, others would throw themselves on the floor and have fits. One child tried to crawl into the fireplace. Another child said the Devil was after her. The adults now believed that the Devil had come to their little village. The children began to say that some of the people in the village were witches and had cast spells on them. The villagers gathered at the meeting house to find and punish the people who were bewitching the children. The children began to accuse their neighbors. They said they were witches. Fear spread through the village. The Devil had come to Salem. The trials lasted for thirteen months. One hundred and fifty-six people were accused. Nineteen were hanged. One man was pressed to death. Two dogs were hanged because the children said they gave them the "evil eye".

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